Friday, January 14, 2011

Nice Rack...

Courtesy of the Frederick Bicycle Coaliton comes the shiny, new, beautifully designed bicycle rack depicted at left.  Classy!

According to an article on, it's Frederick's first (though by first, I think they mean first of its kind).

It comes as absolutely no surprise that the FBC chose the sidewalk outside of Brewer's Alley as the destination for this watershed installation. Well done, folks. Keep 'em coming.

[Above pic pilfered without apology or permission from Bill Green.]

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At 1/24/2011 8:46 AM, Blogger Blue-eyed Devil said...

Thanks, Steve, but I prefer to wander lost and doomed.

And you are invited not to proselytize randomly and indirectly on other peoples' blogs. It's not only tacky, it makes baby Jesus cry. Hope it works out for you.


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