Monday, March 03, 2008

Punk Passion...

UPDATE 2: More pix here and here. Getting to be quite the little heavily-documented event now, ain't it?

UPDATE: The later pix are much better and sharper (someone must have butchered a goat on my behalf mid-ride; thanks, oh mystery shaman). Check them out here.
Some pix of the (local) 2008 Single Speed Punk Bike Enduro can be found here and here and also here. Unfortunately, the photog from the first set has about as much talent and understanding of photography as he does of technical mountain-biking skills. Which is to say, about nil.

I’ll add a hundred or so more pix this evening to finish up the set; hopefully, there’ll be some accidental gems scattered amongst the remaining charcoal chunks. Write-up to follow soon.

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At 3/03/2008 10:47 AM, Blogger gwadzilla said...

looks like a good time!

I had my own adventure with the family

will have to try and attend the next gathering of the Outlaws Plus

At 3/03/2008 10:50 AM, Blogger gwadzilla said...


nice lines Steve

dig the image!

At 3/03/2008 12:29 PM, Blogger Todd said...

While Robert Capa you are not, you still got some good shots. Thanks again for the pint glass.

At 3/03/2008 6:56 PM, Blogger AteMrYeats said...

Great shots, Steve. Thanks for your contribution to what was, and always is, the best ride of the year.

At 3/03/2008 7:29 PM, Blogger Mrs. Outlaw said...

I think this was the largest turn out of women in SSO PBE history. Wonderful to ride with such an inspiring group!

At 3/04/2008 3:03 PM, Blogger jojo said...

Thanks to SSO and his team of volunteers and marshals -- esp. those who made sure that I didn't get lost!

I ditto Julie's sentiments @ SS women riders!


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